Business, Payroll & Individual Tax Services

Business and Payroll Taxes

Operating your business requires a significant investment of time, capital, and energy.  Keeping up with the ever changing tax landscape at the same time can be overwhelming.  Our team of tax professionals offers years of experience to help you navigate the following important areas of business taxation.

  • Federal and State tax return compliance for:
    • Partnerships
    • Corporations
    • S Corporations
  • Selection of entity type to minimize tax compliance costs (LLC, Corporation elections, etc.)
  • Annual, Quarterly, or monthly tax advisory services  to reduce risk while preserving working capital
  • Federal and State Payroll / Employment tax compliance
  • County Tangible Tax compliance
  • Recordkeeping

Estate and Trust

Trust and Estate taxation rules and regulations are complex and require careful attention to your exact situation.  We have several experienced tax professionals who will work closely with your attorney, Trustee, and beneficiaries in order to honor and preserve the goals set forth in your careful planning.  We will help you to balance the requirements of the trust and the requirements of tax law to ensure you are preserving the maximum asset value of the trust to provide for the beneficiaries for which it was designed.

Personal Taxes

The personal tax obligations we face today are rapidly becoming more complex.  Our licensed tax professionals stand ready to guide you in meeting your federal tax obligations.  We offer expertise in all areas of personal tax compliance, including:

  • Tax planning and advisement
  • Self-employment taxes
  • Quarterly estimated payments
  • Personal businesses and single-member LLC’s
  • Home office deductions
  • Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions
  • Recordkeeping

Please contact us and we will match you with one of our tax professionals who meet your needs.  Every one of our clients receives personal attention from a partner at our firm.  We pride ourselves on providing each client valuable personal service at a fair price.